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  • Q: if you could describe your fellow cast members in one word what would it be ?

Bradley James: uhm…Katie I’d I’d say generous there’s a lot of generosity with Katie, uhm Angle I’d say for Angle…bubbly she’s very bubbly and Colin…a word to describe Colin-
Colin Morganthere’s so many (chuckles)
Katie McGrathsee Colin’s the dark horse he may look very sweet and innocent but y’know there’s something else under there-
Angel Coulby: yeah
Bradley JamesdisturbedI would use the worddisturbed
Katie McGrathI wouldn’t go that far, but-
Bradley JamesI would I would
Colin Morgan: (laughing} disturbed, nice-
Katie McGrathyou may have guessed that Bradley’s obviously the joker-
Angel Coulby: yeah
Katie McGrath: yeah..big shock there! 
Bradley Jamescan somebody else answer that question otherwise its just me- 
Angel Coulbyuhm I’d say oh I don’t know I’d say…Colin- Colin'd be lovely (audience awwww) KatieKatie’s sweet, and Bradley is…uhm witty. There you go.
Colin MorganI’m really bad at this so ah …I’d say…everyone’s great.

Merlin panel Q/A, London Expo 2009 (x)

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